An Aye For An Aye, If You Please

How about this for a change: An aye for an aye, and toot for toot? That is, instead of an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.  Get it?  Let’s say yes, yes, and yay, yay!  Now I’m not getting religious, but this bumps up against world views.  I was driving along, listening to Glenn Beck this morning, and he had Max Lucado on to talk about his book: “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World”.  By the way, Glenn, speaking of chaotic, I don’t listen to you much, because your shows are chaotic.  They are hard to understand, everyone talking over one another to get the next pithy remark in, and there is too much of a condescending tone seeping through.  Just my humble opinion, and we know what opinions are worth these days.  Besides, you’ll never read this or respond to it.

But let’s get back to and aye for an aye, shall we? The uptake on Mr. Lucado’s book is that it is about a moral responsibility we have to bring some decorum and civility back into the world, that we are obliged to be calm and not foster discontent.  I even heard someone else say once that we owe each other a good mood, regardless of how we feel.  Otherwise we can pollute the emotional and interpersonal environment we all live it.  Sort of like air pollution or water pollution.  Maybe we need another law about this?  We could let it be enforced by the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.  Just expand their jurisdiction to things emotional.  Sounds Orwellian?

But let me go further toward making a total fool of myself and say something that I shouldn’t say about world views. First, I believe that you cannot have peace between people without forgiveness.  People do bad things, make mistakes, do wring to one another.  So we build borders, fences and walls to avoid contact, to protect ourselves.  And in all the world views, only the people of the Christian faith focus on forgiveness.  It is a fundamental principle, that if you do not forgive others, you will not be forgiven.  A basis for peace.

But is seems to me like most other faiths, and most of our society and legal systems, care only about justice, retribution, getting even, being fair. No forgiveness. And we can’t get enough of the violence, the riots, the ugliness, the pollution. Just think of how much pollution we are letting into our minds with what we see on broadcast and cable news networks? Maybe we need to either stop watching the news, or find some happy news to watch? Hmm. There must be an opportunity here. Maybe we could call it the Beyond Cat Videos-Happy News Network, or BCV-HNN?

Quote for today: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”—Dalai Lama

And this: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.”—Helen Keller

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