What could be more anonymous than this, Jane Yolen?

Really short post today.  I cannot find an article on the Internet.  Isn’t that amazing?  I mean, this is a published article that was in a magazine.  How is that possible?

In my daily Our Daily Bread reading yesterday morning, the author (anonymous) mentioned an article called “Writing for Anonymous” by Jane Yolen. She mostly writes books for kids.  Sounded interesting.  So naturally I thought I could just go on Google and enter this in the search window.  I even put forth the effort to add “by Jane Yolen” to the search.  But no.  Nothing was found, other than dozens of listings about the same devotional, even similar ones.  Really?!  I even looked as far as page 2 of the search results.  Unheard of.

It just amazes me that I expect what I want to come up by just typing something close in the Google search window. Really?!  Whaaat?!

So I sent a message to Jane. Now I wait.  Amazing.

Quote for today: “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out all the wrong words.”—Mark Twain

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