How To Get Kids To Read Books

Why do we want our kids to read books? Why would they want to read books? Kids will try to avoid what they don’t want to do, and they will … Continue Reading →

Father’s Day–Bah Humbug!

Who cares about Father’s Day, anyway? Other than some sales at the hardware store or sporting goods store, you wouldn’t even know it existed.  And it is so anticlimactic after … Continue Reading →

5 ways being a boss is like being a parent

First, from me, Burt Jackson, think of the father as the parent. I think fathers are special and not appreciated.  Regardless of how bad or absent our own father (or … Continue Reading →

Fatherhood, God & My Dog

Ever compare why God created the world, in a simplistic way, to why we would want to be dog owners? They cost money, they take our time, they cramp our … Continue Reading →

Fatherhood is the Answer

Summary: Too many kids are growing up in single-parent homes, mostly with the mother and no father. They don’t know that it is the family that makes life so much … Continue Reading →